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7 September 2015
Rotary International
District 5500
What is Rotary?

email: gvrotary@yahoo.com
Michael Pease                                   Bill McGibbon
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2 May 2016
Club RI Representative Chris Ashcraft (and Executive Director at CPAC)
reported on the fight against polio.  If we don't completely eliminate it, it could
rebound to 10 million cases in the next 40 years.  The goal is achievable because
we have the tools and vaccines to reach all the kids.  As an investment, the $9
billion cost nets a $40 to $50 billion benefit in the next 20 years.  Our efforts
have strengthened the global disease control system, and the stage is set for our
next global health initiative.
  Secretary Michael Pease used mathematics to illustrate what thinking
outside the box might be.  3 people who report an object as being a
square, a circle, and a triangle might all be right, since a 3-dimensional
object can have all 3 silhouettes. He used probability trees to analyze a
conflict situation, then showed the best solution required a creative leap
beyond that analysis.   
Art Jeong gave us a history of Paul Bond Boots and a look at what goes into
them.  The Nogales based company has been making custom fitted boots for
cowboys (real and movie) and others for 70 years.  All the famous Western
actors who filmed in Old Tucson had them as well as local ranchers.  Bond once
broke horses for the US Cavalry and was a rodeo champion.
  Dr. Virginia Juettner, past Continental School Superintendent, told the Club
about Rotaplast, the 23-year-old humanitarian project of the San Francisco
Rotary Club that provides free cleft lip surgery to children in developing
countries.  Worldwide, a child is born with a cleft lip or palette every 2 minutes.
Club Meeting & Lunch 11:30 Tuesdays
Grill on the Green
5800 S Camino Del Sol
Green Valley, AZ  85622    
location map →
John Rusk, President of the Valle Verde Rotary Club, presented Club President
Katie Carter with the winner's banner for the annual food fight.  The friendly
competition between our Clubs raised over $10,000 for the Community Food
Bank, which they turn into $90,000 of help to our community.
  Dr. Bill Miller, our sojourner from Whitefish, Montana, shared his African
safari adventure with the Club.  He had over 100 excellent slides, including
one of a tree with 20 lions resting on its branches.