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23 September 2014
Rotary International
District 5500
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email: gvrotary@yahoo.com
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7 October 2014
Ryan Bennett, son of Past-president Will Bennett, invited us to
"meet our neighbors," the small ones, including termites, scorpions,
bees, and pack rats.  The bark scorpion kills more people in AZ each
year than rattlesnakes.
  Chet Davis's vocational talk recapped experiences as an aerospace
engineer and also as a retiree.  He mentors at Continental School
and helped update the city map for Green Valley Council.  He
says we can learn something every day.
Todd Harrison, who started the Montessori de Santa Cruz school in
Tubac, brought several 3rd and 4th graders with him.  They
demonstrated the school's integrated approach with 2 songs, one
about the phases of the moon and one about the sun as an atomic
  Victor Gonzalez told the Club about how the Town of Sahuarita's
Biz Hub@Town Hall will be a 1-stop center for supporting
entrepreneurs, home-based businesses, and micro-enterprises by
providing mentoring, workshops, technical assistance, and
sharing connections to community resources.
-------- Club Meeting & Lunch 11:30 ----------     
location map
Dr. Bethany Bruzzi showed the Club how to tell which medical
issues can wait for an appointment with the doctor, which should
be taken to urgent care, and which are right for dialing 911 and
taking the ambulance to the ER.  
  Dr. Michael Dohm discussed with the Club the various strategies
for dealing with orthopedic problems -- diet and exercise, pain
medication, surgery -- and the research that gives doctors and
patients a better estimate of the outcomes.
Rotary Club of Green Valley
Meets Tuesdays, 11:30am – 1:00 pm
at Grill on the Green, Canoa Ranch
5800 S. Camino del Sol
P.O. Box 701           Green Valley, AZ 85622