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23 September 2014
Rotary International
District 5500
What is Rotary?

email: gvrotary@yahoo.com
Michael Pease                                   Bill McGibbon
Webmaster                                  Club Photographer

site updated  4 December 2014
December 2 was another Peanut Butter Tuesday at the Club
meeting.   So far we've brought in over 1
20 jars of peanut butter for
the Food Bank.
  Past President Joyce Finkelstein shared the highlights of a
career in which many times volunteer service morphed into a
regular, careering enhancing job.  She is currently (among
many other things) District Secretary.
Larry Scarber, commander of the local region of the State Police
(Highway Patrol), provided the Club with a history and current
overview of the State Police and their many diverse functions.
  Mary Cuesta Patterson, a refugee from Cuba during the missile
crisis, works with many community organizations to provide
pajamas and books to children in state custody because of abuse,
neglect, or abandonment.
-------- Club Meeting & Lunch 11:30 ----------     
location map
Gil Lusk spoke to the Club about the history and future develop-
ment of Sahuarita.  The I-19 corridor will link Mexico's Port
Guyamas with Tucson and the interior of the US and carry 5 times
the current traffic in produce and manufactured goods.
  Jim Powell teaches airlines to safely transport hazardous
materials, and he shared some of that information with the
Club.  Lithium batteries, for example, burn hotter than the
melting point of the aluminum airplanes are made from.
Rotary Club of Green Valley
Meets Tuesdays, 11:30am – 1:00 pm
at Grill on the Green, Canoa Ranch
5800 S. Camino del Sol
P.O. Box 701           Green Valley, AZ 85622