Club Meeting & Lunch 11:30 Tuesdays
Grill on the Green at Canoa Ranch Golf Club
5800 S Camino del Sol
Green Valley, AZ  85622

Price of lunch: $14.00

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Rotary Club of Green Valley November 2018 Meeting Schedule

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Guest Speaker: Is This Funny?

Dave Fitzsimmons, cartoonist and columnist for the Arizona Daily Star, is a Pulitzer Finalist and syndicated to over 800 news publications around
the world. He didn’t just talk (passionately) about faith, fear, and hope, but drew cartoons of club members as he went along, all to illustrate what a
cartoonist does, to speak out, to criticize, and to make us laugh, usually at ourselves.

He said we have a remarkable tradition of freedom. He spoke of Bill Mauldin in WW2, whose characters, Willie and Joe, always complained about
US officers. When called before Patton and asked what would happen to critics like him if Hitler or Stalin were in charge, he answered, “Isn’t that
the point?” He mentioned a Pennsylvania governor named Pennypacker who outlawed cartoons of himself drawn as a parrot. The cartoonist then
drew him as fruit. Fitzsimmons drew cartoons of Jack Carter, Justin Dodds, Becky Roberts, and Pat Pease, exaggerating features and constantly
making jokes, but always making his point, that we laugh during challenging times. He spoke of Gretta, who survived Auschwitz as a child, who
tells us to “find the funny.” He claimed we take comfort in trying times from inappropriate and tasteless jokes, and then did a 10-minute comedy
routine about his bladder cancer and an exam by way of a catheter. He claims we are all hilarious comedians, but the professionals write it all down.

But all through his high-energy, passionate presentation his theme was clear: we Americans have a deep and profound faith in our ideals, our
freedom to speak out and criticize, our strength to laugh at our hardships and obstacles, and our endless hope for a better world.
Scholarships help local students get a head
start on their college education. Applications
for scholarships can be found on our
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December 4
DG Kirk Reed
  Justin Dodd
Bill McCreery
Peanut Butter Tues.
Success for Students - School Supply
December 11
Trever Hare
River Run Network
Phil Noble
Katie Carter
Success for Students - School Supply
December 18
Ann Harmon
Game for the World (HIV/AIDS)
Bob Shevlin
Andy Heideman
Board Meeting - Members Welcome
Success for Students - School Supply
December 25
Club Dark
Holiday Break
Past Presidents Katie Carter and Joyce Finkelstein were among the many from
our Club who helped make our Brats fund-raiser a success. Special thanks to our
Interact and scholarship students, and to Blythe Clement and her friend Jade
who stopped by to help. According to Club Treasurer Becky Roberts, who spent
most of the time in the unshaded sun, we served 359 meals.
President Jill Leach and husband, Don, along with Scott Lamb helped prepare
for the Warmth from the Heart distribution on October 20. Some 1,500 jackets,
coats, sweaters, hoodies and vests for men, women and children found new
homes on Saturday at the Amado Food Bank. Katie, Scott, Joyce and her
daughter Amy helped out on the big day.
Fortune Smiles
Past President, and currently Foundation President,
Joyce Finkelstein drew the joker and won $1,787.It is
her second win. Since we started the raffle in 2013, we
have had 10 winners. Chet Davis won 3. The game has
paid out $13,186 to the winners and earned $19,780 for
Club expenses.
President Jill Leach announced that Rotary Club of Green
Valley was 3rd in giving in District 5500 this last year at $325
per member, on average. 1st place, Valle Verde, and 2nd, Yuma.
Pat Pease announced a Rotary work day for the $4,000
READS District matching grant on Thursday, November 29 at
the La Posada Community Center. Around 500 books were
ordered for the program. They have been leveled and some
have been covered. The remaining books need to be covered
and sorted by levels on the work day so that they will be ready
when the new school opens in January. The program is
scheduled to start the beginning of February once the children
have settled into a routine and a student mentor is selected for
each child.
Past President Jack Carter informed the club
that we are considering a corporate
membership program, and we already have
one such in the works. In such cases the
corporation pays dues as if it’s a single
member, but the person who attends can
We are Rotarians

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Doing Good.