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7 September 2015
Rotary International
District 5500
What is Rotary?

email: gvrotary@yahoo.com
Michael Pease                                   Bill McGibbon
Webmaster                                  Club Photographer

site updated September 20, 2016
Frank Coggins, our Brats Cookout Fundraiser co-chair, gave us our heads
up ... the event is coming up last Saturday in October (29th), and it is time
to be signing up for working the event and time to get out and sell tickets.  
There will be changes down at Continental Plaza to deal with as well.
  Club Secretary Michael Pease spoke to the Club about counting the
outcomes of games of chance and comparing them to the payoffs.  Keno
in the Vegas casinos, for example, is computed to guarantee the casino
keeps 25% of the money played.  In the case of the Monty Hall problem,
even professional mathematicians often get it wrong from trusting
"common sense" rather than careful logic.
Past President Bill McGibbon won the August Haiku contest by a
landslide. The topic was cows, and Bill is a rancher.
                      Cows may come and cows
                      May go, but I've found the bull
                      Goes on forever.
  Continental School Principal Mary McNichols shared her school's 100
year history, highlighting the huge changes we've seen in the last
century, and emphasizing the need for schooling that prepares our kids
for similarly vast changes in the years to come.
Club Meeting & Lunch 11:30 Tuesdays
Grill on the Green
5800 S Camino Del Sol
Green Valley, AZ  85622    
location map →
Katie and Jack Carter are hosting Kenzo Nakamura, our exchange student
from Brazil.  Like most teens he likes video games, but also soccer and his
dog.  Katie and Jack are both Past Presidents of our Club.
  Remember our meeting this next Tuesday is at Casa Community Services
at close to the center of the La Posada campus.  It is the first building on
the left after you enter La Posada from the White House Canyon Road